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Saturday April 25th, 11:30

 Come see the kitchen boys & girls of Ottavio cut the largest wheels of cheese made in the world today. Watch as they crack, cut & slice their way through the world’s oldest cheeses & learn about the animals & families that have produced these beauties for generations.  Taste the history & tradition of the cheese making craft.  

 We'll start easy with some smaller wheels of artisan cheeses from Quebec & move through the Italian king, Parmigiano Reggiano & up to the 225 lb behemoth, the organic, Swiss, mountain Emmenthal.  Samplings & specials on all cheeses cut.

 A great event for the whole family.


Wednesday, May 20, 7-9 pm

Don’t miss your chance to taste over 20 estate produced olive oils from Italy, France, Morocco & Spain along with an education on the farming, harvesting & production practices of the finest producers. 

“Why would I pay $30 for a bottle of olive oil?”…. come & find out what is in the bottle and make some sense of the vast selection carried at Ottavio.  Advanced reservations are limited to 25 for this event and can be made in the delicatessen for $25/person, dessert & illy coffee included.  Discounts on all olive oils on this one night.  

It has been a few years since we have done one of these so don’t delay in reserving for this delicious, educational & fun night.  Call Ottavio, ask for the Bakery & get your name on the list for this years's event!

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