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Photos & Design by Peter Bagi

Our cases hold over 240 artisanal cheeses throughout the year. We offer handcrafted, farm made cheeses produced locally and across the world. We are particularly well supplied with cheeses from the tradition rich province of Quebec, our homeland of Italy, France - a country with over 400 cheeses - Spain, the domain of the sheep of La Mancha, & Great Britain the motherland of farmstead cheddar.

We source out specific cheeses, produced in small batches from the purest milk. Our goal is to get these family made cheeses to you at the peak of ripeness and in the best possible condition. This is done from careful monitoring of each cheese, proper storage & presentation, cutting-to-order & packaging in specially designed French cheese paper. Taste the difference between mass produced cheeses & the cheese we offer that tell the story of lush pasture, healthy animals & family tradition. To support these fine cheeses, Ottavio offers a wide selection of crackers, crispbreads & cheese accompaniments.


We are pleased to provide artisan cheese boards & cured meat selections for your next dinner party or gathering.


Ottavio is proud to offer one of the best selections of local in international cheeses across Canada, to retail customers as well as wholesale customers including Victoria's finest small restaurants & fine caterers. Please visit our wholesale section for more details & and links to our customers.



At Ottavio we pride ourselves on the authenticity of our salumi, Italian & Spanish cured meats & our French Saucisson. We have carefully sought out the producers of our meats to ensure their quality results, family tradition & uniqueness. We offer Italian salumi produced in Hamilton, Ontario, German meats from Vancouver, Oyama natural cured meats from Granville Island, French meats from Montreal, Jamon Serrano from Spain & Prosciutto from Veneto & Parma, Italy. Our selection is broad & our shelf space limited so there is no room for anything less than the best!


We offer an unparalleled selection of delicious olives at Ottavio. Our 12 varieties are sourced from Italy, France, Spain, Morocco & the United States. Our Castelvetranos from Italy are the perfect sweet green gems, we dress our Calabrese olives in-house with fresh rosemary, fennel seed & orange zest & our Ottavio Olive Mix & Antipasto mix include pickled garlic, balsamic onions, caper berries, sundried tomatoes & fresh lemon zest. We prepare all olives daily to ensure their freshness for our customers.